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Cover Art: Milla Osland

Perfectly Aware is Hammok's shortest song to date. It effectively depicts the desperate feeling of being painfully aware of a problem you are in the middle of, without having any idea how to solve it. We are dragged into an aggressive drum of restlessness, before we get thrown out of it again without achieving a conclusion. A recognizable feeling of desperation and wanting to flee from the situation one is in.

While Perfectly Aware is about not understanding how to land on both feet, that's exactly what you do in the closing track Nothing but Gray. A complex song that in the lyrics is typically Hammok, a dissatisfied sting to those who decide, but who do not do enough to get the world out of crisis. In the soundscape, on the other side, Hammok surprises us a bit more. It starts off as if Hammok went to a playground of 60's rhythms, swing drums and rattle guitar, before they drag us into a more familiar, hard Hammok landscape in a seamless way. A refreshing song that challenges the recipe of hardcore, which can be defined as their closest genre.


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